16.08.2012 20:02

SASE = Self-addressed Stamped-Envelope--> envelope on which is written in your address and which is already stamped the marks of a foreign country

     SAE = Self-addressed Envelope--> same as SASE, just Not rated, you must send with this envelope and international reply coupon or money = IRC

     international reply coupon = IRC = International Reply Coupon -> blue ticket, which you can find at most post offices for 40 crowns. It is used if you have stamps to pay for return postage of a foreign country. Reply coupon to attach a letter that you send it abroad and then exchanged for stamps to the Czech Republic. This will pay the return postage and you are more likely to respond.

     PP = pre-print -> all photography is just a copy with signature is simply signed the very first picture, and what will come, just signed a copy of the original photos.

     AP = auto-pen -> signature is the photo natištěnej special machine, it is difficult to know the true signature, because the picture actually is signed, is recognized by the fact that typed signatures are all identical, they look exactly the same.

     = secretarial signature that is not right, but signed by someone else (secretary)

     = authentic authentic, true signature (or the dream of all collectors :)

     IP = in person -> signature obtained in person (eg when premieres)

     TTM = Through The Mail -> post

     LOR = Letter of request -> letter asking for an autograph

     b / w photo = photo black and white -> black and white photo :)

     RTS = Return to Sender -> returned to the sender - it happens when the man at the addresses agency already has, or can not read the address, etc.